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Hygienic Valves and Pumps

Only strong and reliable components are good enough for your line. The valves and pump series comprises a modular system of components that contributes to a high performance all over your production line.

  • Ball valves 
  • Hygienic valves
  • ESL valves
  • Aseptic valves
  • Pumps
ESL Valves
Aseptic Valves


Reduced energy consumption, assured quality and high versatility. HST is the centre of excellence for homogenisation technology.


Heat Exchangers

These systems heat your products gently, ensuring microbiological safety and offering a high heat transfer performance.

  • Suitable for a wide variety of products with different flow characteristics
  • Even for products containing particles/fibres
    • every kind of juices
    • milk, milk-mix-beverages, soy milk
    • beverages with particles/fibres (up to 15 x 15x 15 mm)
  • Reducing the thermal impact acting on the product due to short dwell times
  • Available as a complete system or individually designed to suit your line

Various Seals and Spares

We supply seals and spares for various components and instrumentation within the field.



A market leader in supplying, servicing and the commissioning of high end instrumentation. Such as quality control and measurement instrumentation that allows for our customers to know if there processes are within specifications.


Site Audits

At Sawa Sawa we offer site audits to all our customers to ensure that we are offering you the correct solution for your company’s needs.



Sawa Sawa has the experience and expertise to help with a wide range of field support and services. Projects can be as simple as maintaining or repairing existing equipment or as complex as installing new systems.


Training & Commissioning

It is our goal to ensure that your business is performing at its peak and therefore we offer our clients in-depth training and commissioning sessions.